Models: Grand AP-002, Swift AP-004, Pearl, Supreme AP-005, AP RO-VITOE
(Valid for Domestic AMUL RO models used at Institutions like Offices, Schools, Hostels etc.)
Free repairing of All electrical/ electronic Parts , SV etc..

  1. 3 Free services in a year.
  2. Any number of complaints will be attended within 48 Hours , Free of Cost.
  3. All Filters & consumables are included.


Charges: Our Charges for Annual Maintenances Contract For one Machine is Rs. 4500/-.
Warranty: The Warranty cover one year from the date of 1st Service.
Free Service: 3 Free services in a year.
Complaints: Any number of complaints will be attended within 48 Hours, Free of Cost.


  1. The Product should be located within 10 KM Range.
  2. The Product should be electrically/ electronically in perfect condition. Otherwise the

Customer has to bear the cost of defective spares at the time of 1st. Service.

  1. If any non-AMUL RO parts are found in the Product, the same will be changed with original AMUL RO parts at Customers cost.